О Системе Total Control

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What is Total Control?

Everyone who has ever participated in various competitions met with such problems as the objectivity of the evaluation of works and, at times, the frank fraud of voices that are conducted on paper carriers and are often lost, spoiled, sometimes even intended. This not only creates a problem in the calculation of votes, but also does not allow participants of such contests, which often pay contributions for participating in competitions, to objectively understand the weaknesses in their work.

I, Dmitriy Tatuazhev, with my team, have developed a new voting method that will exclude closed ratings and vote rigging in any beauty industry competitions.

Total Control is a system of objective, transparent voting in the beauty industry competitions, created in order to provide an independent, unbiased assessment of the participants' work.

All ratings are published at once during the judges voting and are available publicly on the Total Control website.
Also, the ratings are broadcast in the hall (on the screen or projector) where the championship / tournament takes place.

Principle of the system

The whole essence of the system is reduced to several points:

Voting and evaluation of work


Controversial results: