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ATTENTION! Rules in different championships / tournaments can be adjusted for a specific event! Therefore, read the rules carefully when registering an application for participation

1. The number of seats is limited.

2. Cost of participation and other information you can learn

3. The participant of the tournament independently provides his working inventory:

a) Working clothes (white color)
b) Gloves of the size - white or transparent color (as much as you need in work).
d) Headpiece of white color.
e) Replacement shoes.
f) The organizer does not provide the working device and all necessary consumables (which you need for work and which you are accustomed to working with).

4. The couch and main light are provided by the organizer.

5. Registration of participants begins an hour before starting work in a group of your category.

6. Telephones, cameras and other means of communication (during the tournament at their workplace - are strictly prohibited.

7. Start and end time strictly on the timer. (since with an accidental coincidence of the same points, the time of the procedure is taken into account).

8. In the absence of a master at the official awarding (in the evening of the same day) his reward or prize, a cup, gifts from sponsors for seats, as well as nominations and grand prizes (which will not be announced before the solemn part) are not sent, not sent, not transmitted. For the departed nominee, only the place or nomination remains. Because your departure will be regarded as disrespect.

9. The availability of additional work lighting is welcome.

10. To prepare the workplace (20 minutes) Remove the workplace (20 minutes) and this is not included in the allotted time of the procedure.

11. The procedure is allocated 1 hour 30 minutes.

12. Participation in the tournament is only in a sober state. Suspicion of ours or models can lead to disqualification without refund!

13. Refusal to participate for any reason: Payment for participation is not refundable!

14. At the time of the tournament, the health standards will be supervised by a medical professional. For violation of sanitary norms will be removed points.

How will the assessment work:

1. The participants model is registered.

2. When the start is given to the procedure, the start time is fixed.

3. After the procedure, the model is sent for evaluation to the judges.

4. Upon arrival to the place of assessment, the time of completion of the work of the master is fixed.

5. Judges evaluate the work.

6. If the participants received the same number of points, the advantage is given to the one who completed the work earlier.

7. All the estimates will be available at total-control.pro .

Calculation formula:

1. For each criterion an average ball is displayed: The smallest and largest ball are dropped. (X1 + X2 + X3) /3 = Σ

2. All points received for each of the criteria are summarized and divided by the number of criteria. (X1 + ... Xn) /Xn = Σ

3. Additional balls are added to the result obtained, stipulated by the rules:

- Skin type: Ideal - 0 points; Normal - 0.2 points; Bold /hilly - 0.3 points. (Assessment by skin type can be changed by the decision of the judiciary);